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About Guanhan
    Guan Han Industrial Co., Ltd. the one and the only one professional document destruction company in Taiwan. We were specializing in the on-site destruction of confidential documents, such as video types, disk drives, personal files, plastic credit cards and financial records.
  Document destruction services all national wide, with the customized trucks equipped with GPS system and professional facilities, we provide our customers with the most efficient service without any missing document risk. Our services were also available in Keelung, Yilan, Pingtung and Penghu now.
  Specializing in closed mode and Infrared filter, we meeting the highest standards in the document destruction industry. And was the one and the only one who is capable of dealing with emergency response from pick-ups to shredding.
  As a pioneer and leader in the industry, A Sign of the Professional.“In time truck pick-ups, secure document destructions”
  Please feel free to visit our factory with advanced notices. We would love to arrange car pick-ups for you. (Please note that if there were other customers’ document destruction going on, no visit appointment will be taken.)
  Why Guan Han?
   1. Reasonable Price.
   2. National wide transportation with the customized trucks equipped with GPS system recorded
     and saved all the transporting process to the computer.
   3. Witnessing document destruction on line in distance any time as our clients wish without any
     troubles of wasting time going out in person.
   4. Providing our customers with the most efficient service, call now and pick-ups now without      any further appointment.
   5. Providing free bins for destruction documents, saving our customers troubles form searching      for suitable containers. Call for bins today, services in two days.
  Factory and Facilities Managements
   1. Standard SOP destruction process.
   2. Certified and knowledgeable destruction process training regularly.
   3. Each operator is background checked and drug tested in order to comply with certification.
  Risks Controls
   1. Systematic idiot proof and quality control design for destruction process, 4M and 5W analytic
   2. Emergency services.
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